I graduated from Tufts in 2015 with a dual MS in Computer Science and Mathematics. I now live in Boston, MA and work at Google. I use this website to host blog posts on ideas I had and a handful of javascript tools I made.

  • Juggling Tools
    • juggle-suggest2
      • Autocompletion as you type for valid async and sync siteswaps.
    • 3hand
      • Translates vanilla siteswaps into passing notation so that they can be done by 3 hands. Support arbitrary hand orders.
    • random-siteswap
      • Very random siteswaps using the cards model.
    • polyrhythmic-fountain
      • Animates a 4 ball fountain with various polyrhythms (or with a lack of rhythm alltogether).
    • bandaged-cube-explorer
      • A tool for exploring bandaged configurations of a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube.
  • I also do IRL juggling sometimes
  • Outside of juggling, I’m also very interested in twisty puzzles. At some point I may write up some of my solutions for my blog.